Tips for Avoiding Water Leaks this Spring

With the spring thaw and heavy rains that affect the Boston area from April to late June upon us, it’s important to take the steps to avoid water leaks and damage in and around your home. To avoid water leaks in your home, follow this guideline of areas to check and things to clean to prevent water damage this spring.

  • Clear your gutters of any debris that will cause blockage and overflow of water
  • Check your foundations for any cracks that could potentially allow water to seep through
  • Make sure all excess water around your property is flowing away from your home
  • Check sewage pipes to make sure everything is draining properly
  • Assess your roof (safely) for any water build up or ice dams
  • Check to see if there are any drips coming from your hose bibb

It’s important to assess and repair water leaks as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage, including mold.

If you have experienced any water damage, no matter the cause, contact us for more information about our process and a free quote!

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