Reasons To Have A Fall Mold Inspection

With fall officially here, everyone is preparing for the colder temperatures and different weather conditions that come with winter. During the fall and winter months is when the most mold issues are reported. This is due in part to the condensation that appears in our homes.

Clean Joe provides excellent mold remediation for anyone in need of assistance. Our technicians our highly certified in multiple services  including mold remediation. Whether the mold comes from water & flood damage or the climate changes in the winter, Clean Joe has you covered. To help prevent mold from ruining your fall or winter, we suggest seasonal mold inspections for several reasons.

  1. Avoid HVAC Mold – During the colder months, it is normal to turn on your HVAC units to heat up your home. Over the summer months where the system was turned off, mold could have appeared without you knowing. Before you turn the HVAC on for the winter months, make sure to get an inspection just in case. In addition, if you notice a musty smell in your basement or any room in your home it is a good indication that mold is present. If this is the case, turning the HVAC on could potentially spread the mold to other areas of the house. Inspections will point out any mold and you can take care of it in an instant.
  2. Health – When fall arrives a lot of allergy symptoms arise due to climate changes. In addition, headaches However, another cause of these symptoms appearing could be the presence of mold. Having seasonal inspections can help prevent your family from any health issues that come with mold.
  3. Tranquility – Knowing your home is free of dangerous mold gives homeowners a peace of mind. After inspection, if there is any mold present our team will be there to get rid of any mold and make sure yur home is safe. Knowing that your home is prepared for the winter inside and out.

If you have any questions about our mold remediation or other restoration services for the fall and winter please call us today!

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