Where To Check For Mold

Mold remediation is important for a home because it keeps the house looking new, neat and promotes safety. If molds are left untreated they can pose a health issue. To take action on this threat here are some tips on where to look for mold.

  • Areas With Moisture – Mold forms the most in areas that have a lot of moisture. For homes, rooms that have a lot of humidity usually produce moisture, which will result in mold.
  • Places With Water Damage – Whether it is from floods or leaks, water that is not properly cleaned up will cause mold to appear. Make sure you check areas you know have had damage from water in the past.
  • Ceilings & Walls – These areas are popular for mold because they are areas where moisture can be trapped. In addition, the piping for the houses tend to drip and may leak. Once mold starts in these areas, they will spread and eventually become visible. It is important to catch the mold early on so there is less contamination.
  • Shower Tile & Shower Curtains – The most common place for mold to grow in a household is in the shower. This is because it is the place with the most moisture, coming from the heat of the shower along with the water. In addition, the dirt and grime from your body combines with shampoo which will latch onto the curtains. Unless you wipe down your curtains, excess moisture can cause mold to form.

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Home Saftey Tips To Prevent House Fires

As the climate continues to rise as summer gets closer and closer, people should take into consideration of the higher risk of fires. House fires can be started by the smallest thing and are at higher risk now that temperatures will be hotter, as well as humidity. If any damages occur due to fire, or water, please contact Clean Joe for the best restoration services! To help prevent any catastrophes at home, here is a small guideline to follow to make sure you are being safe throughout the summer.

  • Keep Heating Utilities in Good Condition – Many house fires are started because heating equipment are not kept up and maintained. By annually checking heaters, fireplaces, chimneys, etc. you are significantly reducing the chances of a house fire.
  • Electrical Equipment – Another leading cause of house fires are from faulty electrical units. Always keep an eye out for frayed or torn wires and chords. Another safe practice is making sure that no wires are run underneath carpet, rugs, furniture, or anything that could catch fire if something were to happen.
  • Cooking With Caution – I know this doesn’t sound fun, because cooking is all about having fun. However, just be smart and safe when tackling a new recipe. As this is the leading causes of house fires. Making sure flammable objects are away from the stove while cooking, controlling grease splatter, and having a fire extinguisher close by are all ways to help prevent fires.
  • Candles – Candles are a popular house item as they provide great smells that fill the air. However, if left unattended, can cause a lot of damage. Mostly if they are left near curtains or other items that can catch fire easily. Make sure that you have sturdy holders so they are not easily knocked over. In addition to combing the house before you leave to make sure any candles are put out.

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What To Do After A Flood Before Help Arrives

The Do’s

  • Remove excess water by mopping and blotting.
  • Remove and prop wet upholstery and cushions
  • Turn on air conditioning to help with the drying process
  • Bring art and delicate items to a safe and unflooded room
  • Gather loose items on the floor

The Don’ts

  • Do not leave books, magazines and other colored items on the wet floor
  • Do not use a vacuum to suck up any water as that will break the vacuum
  • Do not use any electrical applicances