How To Remove Mold From Wood Surfaces

Mold can grow on many surfaces, but the easiest surface to clean if mold is present is wood surfaces. More likely than not, once you notice mold colonies growing on wood and clean them the mold will not grow back. The only serious issue with mold on wood is if the mold has reached the core of the wood. If that happens, then the cleaning process is more difficult.

Wood Mold Cleaning Methods

The most common types of mold cleaning methods is using a warm soapy cloth, sponge or brush, whether toothbrush or regular brush. Take the warm soapy material and wipe off the mold from the surface thoroughly. Other materials to use instead of soap and hot water is watered down detergent and bleach. Be careful using some of these substances, such as ammonia, as it can be harmful to humans and pets.

Although these methods get most of the mold off, it might not get 100% of the mold off. This is fine as the wood surface is still clean, and small traces of mold are not to be concerned about. If you are worried, try going over the same surface multiple times. This method should work well for walls, furniture, floors, beams and counter tops.

Mold Stains

Mold stains can happen if the removal of mold from a surface is put off for a while. You may also notice a stain while you are removing the mold as descried above. If you do notice a stain, you can try to use bleach to get rid of the stain. However, the bleach can discolor the wooden surface you are trying to get the mold off of. If the stain is a serious stain that is hard to remove then it is time to call a professional for a resurface job. They may also have different chemicals or methods to get rid of the mold and its stain without damaging the wooden surface.

Serious Situations

If you notice any large amounts of mold on structural areas of your home such as support beams or floors then we recommend you contact a professional. Clean Joe services Saugus and the surrounding North Shore areas as well as Boston for all mold remediation services. Clean Joe also specializes in numerous cleaning services as well as water and fire remediation.

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