Clear Your Home of Mold and Clutter This Summer!

After months of the snow and rain, it is nice to finally welcome warm weather and sunshine. As the spring progresses into the summer, many people begin to clean out their basements and attics from accumulated clutter. However, when you begin to sort through all of your belongings, you may end up coming across mold damage to your possessions. The damage can range depending on where it was located or how long has it been damaged by water or humidity.

It is important to remove all items that may have mold damage to them because of possible health related concerns. Moving your damaged items from their area can cause for mold to stir up into the air throughout your home. This can be a health hazard for those with an allergy or for those who are asthmatic. Using specific cleaners or homemade remedies to clean up the areas after your items are removed will be beneficial to stopping growth and for better air quality afterward.

Cleaning the items that are affected will save them from further damage and will be beneficial to you when the time comes to donate or sell your possessions. It is best to air out the items for a couple days outside in order to get rid of the musty and moldy smell. That type of smell tends to linger on items with fabric surfaces. Washing them in the washing machine is one thing, but it will not always immediately get rid of the odor.

It is the perfect time of year before it gets too hot to clean, get rid of, or donate your unwanted household items. Disposing and cleaning your possessions properly will ensure for a healthier home environment and less clutter as well!

If there are large amounts of mold that you can not handle we suggest contacting a professional. When it comes to mold removal in general, it is always good to go with a professional service as they have the certifications to completely remove the mold from your home.

Home Fire Safety Tips

When it comes to fires, no one is ever ready to experience one in their own home. But, by following these three tips you’ll be prepared if disaster strikes and a fire starts in your own home.

TIP ONE: Know Your Fire Hazards

Many fires are easily preventable by making a few changes throughout your home and by being aware of your surroundings.

Some fire prevention methods include:

  • Don’t leave candles or open flames unattended.
  • Keep your vents clear of any objects and clean any debris from them on a regular basis.
  • Keep flammable items away from heaters – a space heater shouldn’t have any objects within a 3 foot radius of the unit.
  • Christmas trees get very dry and become easily flammable – keep them hydrated (water them twice a day) and turn off any string lights that are on them when you’re not home or are asleep.
  • Many stove and oven fires are easily preventable by simply keeping an eye on the food you are cooking – set timers and stay in the same room while things are cooking to keep a better eye on them.
  • Lightning strikes are unavoidable but you can keep yourself safe by staying away from doors and windows and not using electronics during storms.

TIP TWO: Have Safety Equipment in Your Home

If a fire does happen in your home, it’s important to have the correct fire safety equipment set up and easily accessible in your home so that everyone can get out safely in a timely manner.

Smoke Alarms

It’s important to have working smoke alarms in your home to alert you if a fire is starting and giving off smoke or if a fire has already started. Be sure to check to make sure your smoke alarms are working twice a year and replace batteries regularly. You should have smoke alarms in all areas of your home, in each bedroom, and in hallways.

Have a Working Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher in your home and easily accessible in the case of an emergency can keep small fires from growing out of control. Good places to keep an extinguisher in a house is in the kitchen and close to your laundry area. A fire extinguisher is not useful if you don’t know how to use it correctly so it’s important for all members of your family to know how to use one correctly in case of an emergency.

TIP THREE: Have a Fire Safety Plan

Having a safety plan in case of an emergency is extremely crucial to get out of a building experiencing a fire, safely.

  • Teach children if and when to call 9-1- 1
  • Have two evacuation routes to get out of the house safely and a meeting area outside in a safe spot away from the house
  • Practice your fire evacuation plan twice a year

Being prepared for a potential fire can alleviate panic from setting in and allow everyone to get out of a burning building safely. Know when to call 9-1- 1 and the steps to take during a fire. Once the fire department has left and the smoke has cleared, it’s important to have a fire damage restoration team come in and assess the damage and help you get your home to its pre-loss state.

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Tips for Avoiding Water Leaks this Spring

With the spring thaw and heavy rains that affect the Boston area from April to late June upon us, it’s important to take the steps to avoid water leaks and damage in and around your home. To avoid water leaks in your home, follow this guideline of areas to check and things to clean to prevent water damage this spring.

  • Clear your gutters of any debris that will cause blockage and overflow of water
  • Check your foundations for any cracks that could potentially allow water to seep through
  • Make sure all excess water around your property is flowing away from your home
  • Check sewage pipes to make sure everything is draining properly
  • Assess your roof (safely) for any water build up or ice dams
  • Check to see if there are any drips coming from your hose bibb

It’s important to assess and repair water leaks as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage, including mold.

If you have experienced any water damage, no matter the cause, contact us for more information about our process and a free quote!

Black Mold Spores

Just like with any other type of mold, black mold reproduces by spreading its spores. These spores, just like regular types of mold, are allergenic and spread in various ways. What makes black mold spores different than spores of other types of mold is that they are toxic. Black mold spores are toxic because they carry mycotoxins. These spores cannot be seen by the human eye, but when viewed under a microscope, look like a dandelion with clusters of spores growing at the end of a mold colony.

How Black Mold Spores Spread

When wet and contains moisture, black mold tends to form a wet coating that prevents its spores from becoming airborne and spreading. However, if the moisture were to dry up, then the spores can get airborne. Other causes of the spore spreading with black mold are changes in humidity as well as disturbing the black mold. With this in mind, you should always contact a professional when trying to remove toxic black mold. In addition to spreading the spores, removing black mold is dangerous in general. It is always smart to reach out to someone who is certified in black mold removal. Even if the spores of black mold end up dying by not finding a suitable surface, they are still toxic to humans. This is why Clean Joe urges any and everyone to contact us in case they need black mold removed.

Types Of Mycotoxin From Black Mold Spores

If you are curious as to what types of mycotoxin that are released within the spores of black mold, view the list below.

  • Cyclosporin
  • Roridin E
  • Satratoxin F, G and H (the most abundant type of trichothecene)
  • Sporidesmin G
  • Stachybotryolactone
  • Trichoverrol
  • Trichoverrin
  • Verrucarin J

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How To Remove Mold From Wood Surfaces

Mold can grow on many surfaces, but the easiest surface to clean if mold is present is wood surfaces. More likely than not, once you notice mold colonies growing on wood and clean them the mold will not grow back. The only serious issue with mold on wood is if the mold has reached the core of the wood. If that happens, then the cleaning process is more difficult.

Wood Mold Cleaning Methods

The most common types of mold cleaning methods is using a warm soapy cloth, sponge or brush, whether toothbrush or regular brush. Take the warm soapy material and wipe off the mold from the surface thoroughly. Other materials to use instead of soap and hot water is watered down detergent and bleach. Be careful using some of these substances, such as ammonia, as it can be harmful to humans and pets.

Although these methods get most of the mold off, it might not get 100% of the mold off. This is fine as the wood surface is still clean, and small traces of mold are not to be concerned about. If you are worried, try going over the same surface multiple times. This method should work well for walls, furniture, floors, beams and counter tops.

Mold Stains

Mold stains can happen if the removal of mold from a surface is put off for a while. You may also notice a stain while you are removing the mold as descried above. If you do notice a stain, you can try to use bleach to get rid of the stain. However, the bleach can discolor the wooden surface you are trying to get the mold off of. If the stain is a serious stain that is hard to remove then it is time to call a professional for a resurface job. They may also have different chemicals or methods to get rid of the mold and its stain without damaging the wooden surface.

Serious Situations

If you notice any large amounts of mold on structural areas of your home such as support beams or floors then we recommend you contact a professional. Clean Joe services Saugus and the surrounding North Shore areas as well as Boston for all mold remediation services. Clean Joe also specializes in numerous cleaning services as well as water and fire remediation.

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Clean Joe At Network Extravaganza

For the past couple of weeks, Clean Joe has been participating in a couple of networking events in northern Massachusetts. These events are for local businesses to showcase the services they offer to residents. In addition, these events give an opportunity for the local businesses to chat among each other.

14355738_1297949253557883_7031457855877465698_nThe first event we were featured in was the Go Local Community Expo that took place at the Natick Mall. This event took place on September 17th and we had a lot of success meeting great people, potential clients and awesome local businesses in the area!

The second event was a networking event put on by the Route One Business Networking Group. clean joe expo standThis event was called the Networking Extravaganza and it was great turn out. Many businesses attended as well as guests to this free event. The first 100 guests got a free cocktail provided by the businesses that were presenting! We were featured in the Route One Business Networking Group newspaper talking about our services and what we do.

Expos are a great way to share our business and what we have to offer to our community. Be sure to catch us at the next expo! Contact us if you have networking event flierany questions, would like a free quote or need remediation assistance.

Reasons To Have A Fall Mold Inspection

With fall officially here, everyone is preparing for the colder temperatures and different weather conditions that come with winter. During the fall and winter months is when the most mold issues are reported. This is due in part to the condensation that appears in our homes.

Clean Joe provides excellent mold remediation for anyone in need of assistance. Our technicians our highly certified in multiple services  including mold remediation. Whether the mold comes from water & flood damage or the climate changes in the winter, Clean Joe has you covered. To help prevent mold from ruining your fall or winter, we suggest seasonal mold inspections for several reasons.

  1. Avoid HVAC Mold – During the colder months, it is normal to turn on your HVAC units to heat up your home. Over the summer months where the system was turned off, mold could have appeared without you knowing. Before you turn the HVAC on for the winter months, make sure to get an inspection just in case. In addition, if you notice a musty smell in your basement or any room in your home it is a good indication that mold is present. If this is the case, turning the HVAC on could potentially spread the mold to other areas of the house. Inspections will point out any mold and you can take care of it in an instant.
  2. Health – When fall arrives a lot of allergy symptoms arise due to climate changes. In addition, headaches However, another cause of these symptoms appearing could be the presence of mold. Having seasonal inspections can help prevent your family from any health issues that come with mold.
  3. Tranquility – Knowing your home is free of dangerous mold gives homeowners a peace of mind. After inspection, if there is any mold present our team will be there to get rid of any mold and make sure yur home is safe. Knowing that your home is prepared for the winter inside and out.

If you have any questions about our mold remediation or other restoration services for the fall and winter please call us today!

Importance of Grout Cleaning

Over time mold, mildew, bacteria and dirt will build up on the surface of your tile as well as the spaces in between each tile; the grout. This will make the tile in the room look old and used. If untreated for a long time, the mold and mildew can cause unhealthy living conditions. These situations will happen to tile and grout that are in heavy foot traffic rooms as well rooms with water and humidity. The most common places to see mold to appear on tile is bathrooms. A lot of people go in and out of bathrooms which a lot of dirt and bacteria can travel into the room. In addition, showers and sinks are used constantly, water spillage is common to see. Another place where grout needs to be cleaned is in the kitchen, primarily near the sink. Just like with the water from the bathroom, water from the kitchen sink can splash onto the tile in your kitchen. If this is not treated, over time, mold will appear on the tile.

Yearly cleaning of tiles is a good way to prolong the life span of your tile. If the mold and mildew is too tough to get rid of and if there is a health risk present because of the mold, call a professional. They can get down deep and make sure that all the mold is removed while restoring your tile. Cleaning it to make it look like new!

If you are interested in our services for tile and grout cleaning or sealing, please contact us today!

Why To Repair Smoke Damage Immediately

After a house fire there is usually a lot of damage not only from the fire itself, but the smoke from the fire. Although fire damage cleanup is fairly simple, it is not recommended for homeowners to try it on their own. Calling a professional is the way to go as they have experience of where to start, along with knowing the proper knowledge. Here are some things to consider when going to clean up after a fire.


A major concern after a fire is ash and smoke that is left behind. If the ash and smoke are not treated properly or immediately there could be corrosion, etching, and discoloration. Some discoloration can happen in a few minutes and if not taken care of properly. For some surfaces, the discoloration can become permanent if not taken care of.


Timing with fire and smoke damage is vital as the damage increases the longer you wait. This is due because of the acidic nature of ash and smoke after a fire. If not treated fast enough, an odor may form which is hard to get rid of. This is why it is recommended to call a professional so they can point out the areas that need to be repaired and get to work. Using the best materials on the market to make sure most of your belongings are salvaged.

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